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Specific procurement for shipmanagement

The factor time and tight budgets always have been critical issues for each shipmanagement company in the maritime branch.

Having new or spare rope and steel wire delivered on time in the required port can become a true challenge. After sending out a request for quotation one must match each individual offer with the requirements. This takes time and a certain level of knowledge about the products.

Due to tramping schedule it is nearly impossible to make the right choice out of dozens of offers and have the supply done in time.

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Single turn on the working part of the winch, correct installation

When there already is a solid partnership with your ship supplying company, in most cases they will be able to arrange the delivery for you. Together with all the paperwork and custom clearance, if applicable. Ship suppliers deliver a broad range of articles however in depth advice is not their core-business.

Wrong rope?

Although specifications of the ropes suitable for the vessel are stated in all documents, in many cases orders are placed only by matching with the certificates of the ropes currently in use on board.

Choices are made in a very short time frame. If the mooring rope with the correct specifications adapted to the ship is not available, this can have unpleasant consequences. Nevertheless this is sometimes relatively easy to prevent.

It is no secret that, if it is not possible to replace the rope with the previously purchased rope, alternatives will be bought under time pressure or due to the unavailability of suitable replacement in the next port of call.

product mooring rope crew training splicing Ropeadvise®line The same type is available, however only in a bigger diameter. A higher minimum breakload (MBL) that in time will cause damage. Not only by unequal spread of forces but also too high restraint on deck equipment.

Resulting in extensive rope wear, tension on rollers and fairleads. The rope involved deteriorates much faster, leading to earlier and higher replacement costs. The risk of a vicious circle has arisen.

Expertise and sustainability

The above mentioned example is just one of the issues occurring at shipmanagement offices, during procurement under pressure. High cost can be prevented by consulting a product-expert. We assist with  examination and sourcing of adequate alternatives for mooring and towing.

We offer productsourcing as well as replacements. Next to that a solid trackrecord is set with regard to product- and rope splicing training. Crew training can be given on-board as well as in our Rotterdam training centre.

More info on crew training can be found here 

Ocean cleanup

A contribution to the huge amount of containment in worlds’ oceans is indirectly related to manufacturers.

Back in the days discarded ropes were just thrown overboard or shipmanagement and owners must pay high prices to have the ropes collected. However more and more producers are taking their responsibility and recycling slowly becomes mainstream.

All kinds of initiatives are developed into durable solutions during cleanup this plastic soup. Most impressive results are currently achieved by The Ocean Cleanup. 

We support this clean ocean strategy. During training on board we collect discarded ropes and materials for further environmental handling and destruction.