Ropeadvise® | Crew-training mooring & towing ropes

Crew training, best way to prevent

Ropeadvise® underlines that rope crew training is important to maximize the ropes’ performance, lifetime and inspection skills as well.

Onboard of vessels and tugs the mooring and towing ropes are subjected to many factors of influence.

Exposure to deck equipment (good or less well maintained), forces to which the ropes are designed to withstand and last but not least handling by the crew.

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Getting the mooring rope ready for inspection.

Your crew remains onboard, there where it all happens

Ropeadvise® offers onboard crew training. However if it is more convenient due to intensive training program, crew can be also trained at our Rotterdam warehouse and riggingshop.  During the training course the crew is provided with the information and skills needed for safe handling of mooring ropes. Right there ‘on the spot’ !

Ropeadvise® - Rope splicing training - Saipem
Ropeadvise® – Rope splicing training – Saipem


Rope construction and behaviour

During the training course the following topics are attended: production-techniques, material-differences and behaviour. Specific characteristics as elongation, stages of abrasion, buoyancy behaviour, maintenance and rope preservation will also be highlighted.


Rope production facility. Here a mixed fibre 8-strand mooring rope is coiled after stranding.






Rope splicing training

Furthermore we conduct splice trainings for all kinds of rope constructions (3, 8, 12, 24-strand)  with or without jacket. After splice training the crew gained knowledge and ability to perform a rope splice on the required construction.

Once there was a time that rope splicing was a mandatory subject in nautical school. Nowadays rope splicing is a dying art unfortunately.

Our professional splicers instruct and teach your crew according manufacturers guidelines for splicing.

A certificate stating that the crew member is certified and fully capable of splicing the designated rope will be handed over after completion of the course.

Learning by teaching

After following the Ropeadvise® custom training course, the crew members are instructed and trained to conduct inspection and maintenance on a satisfactory level. We believe that when crew is trained and instructed on a frequent basis, new crew can be instructed by fellow crewmembers too. The general safety on board and awareness in rope handling will improve itself this way.


Ropeadvise® Synthetic rope crew training Saipem

Available around the clock, worldwide

In case of incidents worldwide where mooring or towing ropes are involved and the crew is not certain how to assess the condition afterwards. We can act as a technical problemsolver. In these situations consulting an 24/7 available product expert can help you out. 

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