Ropeadvise® | Servicepackages

Package A – Rope procurement advice

The vessel must be in operational readiness all the time. When in need of spare ropes / steel wire or replacements, the procurement cycle often goes as follows:

  • you receive a message from the vessel
  • you send out a RFQ to selected suppliers and/or producers.
  • within a day or two your purchaser(s) receives offers with specifications and commercial suggestions.
  • Price and quality considerations take place, many emails back and forth with the vessel
  • Are the specifications correct? What if the same rope is not available ?
  • Eventually a choice is made and order is placed.
  • Then the logistic challenge starts, can we have the rope on board in this or the next port? On time preferably

An enormous challenge itself. Don’t forget issues with ropes that does not seem to be the correct ones.

Or we can source and assess for you:

  • you send the complete package of offers to ropeadvise
  • Ropeadvise® sorts out the best technical, economical and environmental friendly purchase for the requesting vessel
  • investigating best alternative within the trading area of the vessel and based on prior budget agreements
  • Ropeadvise® will recommend complete and clear for decisionmaking.
HMPE rope procurement towing mooring lifting SK78 creep mooring plan crew training Ropeadvise®
Servicepackages from Ropeadvise® gives you as a shipowner or shipmanager clear insight on current condition of the ropes onboard.


Package B – onboard inspection 

(Package A +)

Ropes or wires are purchased, delivered and installed.  After a certain period of time you would like to gain further insight in the condition of the ropes or wires.

In order to gain this insight Ropeadvise® delivers a full report on your request.

  • on-board inspection of the installed ropes and or wires and deck equipment
  • 2 hrs rope training for the crew
  • detailed visual inspection report
HMPE rope sheave diameter narrow groove on board inspection mooring towing ropes by Ropeadvise® total cost of ownership reduction for procurement departments
For this client Ropeadvise® investigated the HMPE ropes. After inspection we recommended to install the correct sheaves in order to prevent flat synthetic ropes. Subsequently the budget for ropes and hardware is reduced due to saving enormous amounts on rope replacements.

Package C – quarterly subscription

Adhoc service is one option. By subscribing to the quarterly inspection will keep your crew aware and up to date. This way vetting remarks can be prevented.

During our on-board visits regarding ropes and hardware, we often see points for improvement. Our experience is that each and every visit the crew is happy to receive practical tips and suggestions. Preferably the same Ropeadvise® product expert is visiting your vessel.  We gain good knowledge of the equipement in use that way and provide solid and valuable information for procurement and technical departments and vessels’ superintendent.

  • frequent update on pricelevels (cost control)
  • complete tailor made mooring arrangement plan
  • quarterly visit and inspection (all type vessels)
  • Rope splicing training for the crew
towing, tugboat ropeadvise towingline rope HMPE crew training , procurement
Onboard a tugboat the rope is used many times a day. Would you like to reduce the risk of failing ropes ? Having your crew well trained on use, maintanance and storage of the valuable towing rope., will directly improve the quality of your operations.


These servicepackages can be tailored based on the customers’ specific demands. Contact us for more information!