Ropeadvise® | Services

Procurement advice services

Ropes for mooring, towing or lifting

  • assessment of the received offers in relation with your vessel type and primary trading area.
  • Recommendation of the best suitable product.
  • verifying suitable alternatives, presented in a clear overview and delivery details.
  • report with pin-point technical advice
  • outsourcing of procurement
MEG4 mooring equipment guidelines purchase department shipmanagement mooring ropes rope yarn HMPE creep
Purchase departments of shipmanagement companies sourcing many items. Broader knowledge and understanding about mooring ropes is not always the case.

On-board inspection

It is difficult to define a standard for acceptance and rejection. A lot depends on the intended use of the rope and it’s likely loadings.

In general the assessment should be based on the general condition of the rope. If there is any doubt as to the serviceability or safety of a rope, it should be withdrawn from service.

Ropeadvise® offers on-board inspection:

  • extensive check up on the current state of ropes or steel wires and related deck-equipment
  • summary and drill-through photo report
  • crew training on safe rope handling and rope inspection
  • short connection to network of suppliers with high quality replacements

onboard inspection service mooring rope advise towing UHMWPE creep
Site surveys – inspection and recommendation at the cruiseship terminal